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Business Therapy
in Los Angeles

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In today's fast-paced and competitive business world, organizations often face complex challenges that require unique solutions. Our innovative approach to tackling these obstacles is through our services as a business therapist. 

A business therapist is a professional consultant who specializes in identifying and resolving issues that hinder an organization's growth, performance, and overall well-being. Our experts work with companies to diagnose, treat, and prevent a wide variety of business-related issues to help them reach their full potential.


Our business therapists possess a unique combination of skills and expertise, enabling us to address both the human and operational sides of an organization. We work collaboratively with our clients to uncover the root causes of problems and implement customized strategies designed to increase efficiency, productivity, and overall success. By fostering an environment of open communication and trust, we serve as valuable partners who empower companies to navigate challenges and move forward with confidence.

Understanding the Role of a Business Therapist

Identify Organizational Issues: We take a holistic approach to understanding an organization's issues. We examine internal factors (i.e., leadership, communication, and company culture) and external factors (market trends, competition, and regulations) to determine the root of the problems.

Develop Customized Strategies: Based on our assessment, our business therapists create tailor-made strategies to solve the identified issues. These strategies usually include a combination of short-term fixes and long-term solutions to ensure sustainable growth.

Implement and Monitor Progress: Your business therapist not only provides guidance but also closely monitors the implementation of their suggested strategies. Your key performance indicators (KPIs) are tracked to measure success and provide regular feedback to ensure lasting improvements.

Who is individual therapy for?

The list of those we help through individual therapy has no limitations, no start or end. To gain a deeper understanding of just what we mean, read below. 

Those without reliable outlets or support systems 

We offer help and support for those without outlets, who may not have a support system that can help them work through difficult times. Even when times are not so difficult, we offer a listening ear to anyone who desires it. This element of support and companionship is a pinnacle element of our services. We understand that navigating life only gets more difficult without a support group or a trusted person to share or vent to, which is why we offer that exact service. 

online psychotherapy in California

Those feeling down, stressed, or overwhelmed

What is it to feel 'down'? Contrary to what our world sometimes determines, feeling down is a time when you are being emotionally and physically affected by something in your life, not 'just' feeling sad. In some cases, feeling down is a symptom of depression or anxiety, but this unpleasant feeling can also come and go as we travel through life. 


Feelings of stress are often a bit easier to identify. Jobs can be overwhelmingly stressful, and because everyone processes and handles stress differently, you may feel distanced from your coworkers, bandmates, co-actors, or working environment. Relationships are another major cause of stress, even when they are going well. You may be stressed about where your romantic or platonic relationship is heading, stressed about your partner's behaviors, or stressed about ending a relationship. The causes of stress are vast, but identifiable and treatable. We can help you work through these overwhelming feelings of stress in gentle and applicable ways, with our ultimate goal being to offer you coping skills to be used for the rest of your life. 

Those with mental health conditions

The symptoms of difficult emotions and conditions can quickly overrun life contentment and satisfaction. We offer the best individual therapy program in Los Angeles to treat mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, and trauma. You and your therapist will be able to discuss and examine the nuances of your condition, with the goal of alleviating symptoms and teaching you ways to cope. We want to give you the best array of tools for managing your condition and its symptoms, all with the understanding that better days are coming. Individual therapy is just the first step. 

learn coping skills in individual therapy sessions

The benefits of one-on-one therapy

Healing Collective can help you enjoy all the benefits of an individual therapy program in Los Angeles from the comfort of your own home or wherever you may tune in.


Our session teaches the necessary life skills that make navigating specific emotions, feelings, and situations much easier.


You can expect to gain the following as a result of exploring yourself and discovering new perspectives:

I have been a client of Healing Collective for 5 years. My experience with the team has been in an invaluable asset to my life and mental health. I feel strongly that anyone interested in therapy should contact the Healing Collective. They will be so happy they did.

Graham from California

Learn coping skills

No artist is equipped for creativity without their tools. Life works in the same way. Without the tools for navigating difficult circumstances, those situations will continue to cause some level of strife. We help instill better coping mechanisms and tools so you are more prepared to face the past, present, and future without fear. With these tools in place, you can enjoy a greater sense of confidence, self-compassion, and fearlessness. 

Working Through Trauma

Trauma shows itself in many different ways. You may be able to pinpoint a specific calamity or event, or your trauma may have occurred over a broader span of time. We are here to help you understand the root of your trauma and discover how to heal from it. With individual therapy, we can explore your trauma in-depth, ultimately helping you recover, heal, and greet your future without its burden.

Improved Relationships

We can help you work through difficult relationships with your romantic partner, family, friends, and even yourself. As we explore your relationships and discover what may be awry, you can gain a new understanding of yourself, friends, family, and your partner. We are here to help cultivate deeper understanding, which is the key to improving relationships with both yourself and others. 

New Ability to Process Deep Emotions

Our emotions can feel massive and heavy, so much so that it feels tangible. We help guide you through these big feelings, feelings that can often become overwhelming if left to fester. Speaking with one of our therapists can help you hike through these feelings in a way that feels safe, doable, and, best yet, repeatable. 

Learning How to Manage Symptoms 

The symptoms of mental illnesses can be just as infuriating as their causes, if not more. We help you learn ways to manage these symptoms, while also understanding why they occur and what may trigger them. With the help and guidance of your therapist, the symptoms you may have can become less overwhelming and even less frequent. Your quality of life is what we have in mind, in the present, and in the future. 


Attending individual therapy online has a convenient element unparalleled to other forms of therapy. Depending on your preferences, online therapy may also be the most comfortable fit for you too. You can attend wherever is comfortable for you and we will see you there.


Individual therapy online in California is a great option for those who live in rural areas, where brick-and-mortar mental health facilities may be a long drive away. With our services available online, you'll never have to sacrifice convenience or value to get the support and help you deserve.

See What Individual Therapy Online Can Do For You

Our online services are designed to fit a variety of life situations and comfort levels. We aim to create an opportunity for everyone to receive mental health help and support, whether you live in a rural area or just enjoy the comfort of your own home. With our help and services, life doesn't have to be so sloggy. You don't have to wade through it alone, no matter what society or even your friends say. We are here for you in any and every situation, and we have your best self in mind. See how you can flourish and book with us today.

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