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Couples Intensive

Each package is thoughtfully designed to cater to your unique needs and preferences,
providing a pathway to a more fulfilling and evolved relationship.

A man and a woman sitting together, possibly in a living room or a similar setting. They are both smiling and appear to be enjoying each other's company. The woman is on the left side of the image, while the man is on the right.

Online 3-Hour Intensive

Special: 2024 Relationship Refresh
$250 on January 20
group session

Dive into transformation from the comfort of your own space with our Online 3-Hour Intensive. This package is perfect for couples seeking focused, results-driven sessions that can be scheduled to suit your convenience. We'll explore the intricacies of your relationship, identify areas for growth, and work towards positive movement and progress, all within a condensed, intensive format.

A group of people gathered around a dining table, engaged in conversation. There are three people visible in the scene, with one person on the left side, another person in the middle, and the third person on the right side. The table is located in the center of the image, and the people are seated around it.

Online 4-Hour Intensive

For couples looking for an extended journey of self-discovery and relationship enhancement, our Online 4-Hour Intensive offers a deeper exploration. This package provides ample time for us to delve into the complexities of your partnership, address underlying issues, and implement strategies for sustainable change. The flexibility of online sessions allows you to engage from anywhere, making it convenient for your busy lives.

A man and a woman sitting on a couch, possibly watching television or enjoying a movie together. The woman is on the left side of the image, while the man is on the right. They are both seated comfortably on the couch, which is located in the center of the image.

6-Hour Intensive
$725 in-person
$525 online

Elevate your Couple's Intensive experience with our 6-Hour Intensive in an intimate, comfortable setting, whether in your home or a suite in a hotel. This option offers an immersive, distraction-free environment for couples seeking a deeper connection and understanding. Together, we'll work on your relationship, fostering positive movement and progress in an intimate and comfortable setting, ensuring that your time away enhances your journey toward a thriving partnership.

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Intimacy Bootcamp

Embark on a transformative journey with our one-on-one Relationship Intimacy Bootcamp, designed to deepen the connection between you and your partner. Unlease the full potential of your relationship in just 4-hours! 

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Private SexED Workshop

Partake in a 2-hour experience of discovery and intimacy tailored exclusively for you or you and your partner. Delve into the art of pleasure, communication, and connection in a safe, comfortable and judgement-free environment. 

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Sexceptional Conversations

Take the step to learn how to have frank and open conversations with your partner. Feel comfortable in sharing what excites you or explore novelty and new ways of communicating your wants and needs. 

What to Expect: A tailored experience from an expert who will guide you through customized exercises and discussions, addressing your unique needs and aspirations.

Maddie Sheffer therapist standing in front of green leaf wall.jpeg

About the Facilitator 

Maddie Hundley is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist based out of Los Angeles, California. She values creating space for couples that cultivates openness and comfortability, and ensures an environment in which you will feel safe and ready to share. Maddie finds ways to implement exercises and tools that will create a foundation that you can use long after the session.  

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Each package is thoughtfully designed to cater to your unique needs and preferences, providing a pathway to a more fulfilling and evolved relationship.

We specialize in working with couples who are eager to embark on a transformative journey within their relationship. Our Couple's Intensives are meticulously crafted to explore the intricate dimensions of your partnership that may have impeded growth and hindered progress.


Beyond delving into your shared history, we navigate how external influences have shaped your thoughts, emotions, and actions as a couple, all with a profound emphasis on fostering positive movement and advancement.



The connection we cultivate will enable us to tailor our approach to your unique relationship dynamics, communication styles, and cultural contexts, ultimately creating an environment where your relationship can evolve, flourish, and move forward.

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