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We work with people who are ready to begin the work.  Our sessions will explore all the facets of your life that have interfered with your growth and ability to live your optimum life.  We not only look at your personal history, but how the world around you has made an impact on your thoughts, feelings and actions.  We value our clients and our approaches ensure we focus on your specific familial, social and cultural contexts. 

Young Gay Couple

Relationships are complex and can be difficult to navigate. If you have been seeking couples therapy, couples counseling or marriage counseling you may be experiencing challenges within your relationship. Whether your relationship is heteronormative, polyamorous, consensual non-monogamous, or diverse gender or sexuality relationship, we are here to help. Communication, intimacy, connection and a deeper understanding of your partner are key components of healthy intimate relationships. Our approaches will help you deepen these components and cultivate a secure and satisfying relationship. 

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LGBTQIP2+ Therapy 

Colorful Friends

Relationships go beyond people we are romantically involved with. They are people who play an important role in our lives, whether temporary or long-term. The impact these relationships have in our lives can be challenging to our daily existence. The goal is to ensure your world consists of positive relationships that make your life experiences full of synergy. 


Friendships       Bandmates               Co-stars 

Co-creatives     Business partners.    Co-workers


Family members are affected and influenced by the behaviors and actions of each other. It is very challenging to navigate the multitude of issues and personalities within a family system on your own. Family members often find it difficult to communicate and freely express themselves. When you are in the midst of the relationship dynamic, it can be extremely hard to step out of emotions, resentments, and long-standing patterns. The goal of family therapy is to ensure we develop a synergized family. 

Biological Families              Extended Families 

Chosen Families                 Blended Families 

Marriage Counseling           Premarital Counseling 

Long-term Partnerships     Intercultural Relationships 

Interracial Relationships

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Color Stain

We understand the importance of providing supportive and affirming therapy to the community.  When the dominant culture operates from a heteronormative and gender binary stance, it is important to work with therapists who are aware of these social norms and ensure the work is conducive to your personal values and experiences. Our practice recognizes the negative effects of systemic oppression, heteronormative, gender binary and patriarchal social norms. 

Knowing you’re not alone is a powerful component of growth and healing. Group therapy provides you a safe space to engage with people who are experiencing the same or similar situations. A place that gives you a voice and provides a sounding board. Listening to others with shared experiences enables group participants to gain self-awareness and not feel so alone. It is a place you will learn an array skills that will give you the tools to navigate and cope with the challenges you are dealing with. 

Support Group
Color Stain
Online Meeting

To adjust to recent world changes, we were forced to do our work virtually. This has allowed us to connect with people all across the state. It also has made it more convenient for people who have challenging schedules, dislike commuting, and who prefer to do therapy in the comfort of their own home. Although online therapy isn’t for everyone, you can be assured you will still get a great and effective therapy experience. 

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