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"How to rewrite your anxious brain" workshop by Tina Marie Del Rosario

Living with anxiety is no fun. No matter how mild or severe your anxiety is, it can negatively impact your life.

Excessive worry, panic attacks, phobias, compulsivity, fear-based thoughts, and uncontrollable "what ifs," are just some examples of how anxiety affects daily life.

Since you are reading this, it tells me you are ready to break free from the hold anxiety has on you. I commend you for taking this step. Congratulations!

When: Friday, December 1, 2023 at 9 AM & 6 PM (PST)


Meeting recording will be shared.

Importantly, I also offer customized workshops and programs for organizations, community groups, companies, schools, and healthcare professionals. These workshops/programs provide the ability to support positive team dynamics, building and communication, conflict resolution, stress relief, self-care, development, and reconnection, improving morale, increasing motivation, and the ability to identify and work through creative/professional blocks.

These workshops/programs:

  1. Are bespoke to fit your group’s needs

  2. Can be done virtually or on-site

  3. Sessions can be a one-time workshop or can take place over a series of weeks

  4. Time can be added to the workshop or program schedule to include brief individual coaching sessions or individual sessions with employees

Group doing a workshop outside in nature therapy
Happy group talking and doing a workshop at a table
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