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Family Therapy
in Los Angeles

The family structure is an integral part of human life. As humans, we are bound by the connection of our family ties, whether your family is composed of blood relatives, chosen family, friends, adoptive parents, or a family formed through a union.


Unfortunately, family relationships are not always easy to navigate. People don’t realize how beneficial family therapy in Los Angeles can be to help learn the tools and skills it takes to positively change family dynamics. 

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Families often struggle with the inability to communicate effectively, arguments and disagreements, and sometimes neglect and abuse within the home. The issues can go beyond hurt feelings and become more serious, creating a strain on relationships that can last for years. 

What happens in a family therapy program in L.A.?

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  • At Healing Collective Therapy Group, we provide a safe space for family members to express themselves and speak their minds.

  • We discuss past and present issues and learn how to share and receive without getting defensive.

  • Family therapy becomes a powerful tool in helping families regain and retain a sense of wholeness and understanding.

  • Whether it’s family therapy in Los Angeles or anywhere in California, we can help family members learn how to effectively communicate, better manage emotions, cope with family dynamics, and build and sustain healthy relationships.

What types of problems can a family therapist help solve?

Our compassionate and experienced therapists are trained to help family members gain insight and understanding into their family dynamics. Common concerns addressed in family therapy include:

  • communication problems

  • parenting issues

  • siblings conflict resolution

  • family transitions (divorce, changing family size and structure)

  • addiction and mental health issues

  • grief and loss counseling

  • infertility

  • LGBTQ issues

  • trauma healing

  • expanding family systems (blended family dynamics)

  • intergenerational family dynamics

  • boundaries, regulation, and roles within family dynamics

Common Goals Achieved With Family Counseling in Los Angeles

At Healing Collective Therapy Group, we are committed to helping family members find common ground to improve or restore relationships.


We strive to provide the highest quality family therapy in Los Angeles and aim for long-term solutions that foster family healing. We believe in creating an environment of safety, understanding, and support so family members can talk openly about their challenges without judgment.


We believe family therapy can be a powerful tool for family members to:

  • Reconcile and heal from past hurts.

  • Develop new family rules.

  • Strengthen family communication skills. 

  • Build connected relationships that last.


If your family is seeking family counseling in Los Angeles or any other area of California, we are here to listen and provide guidance as you embark on the journey of family healing.

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How We Help Families Repair Relationships


When hurt happens in family relationships, be it intentional or unintentional, it can leave one feeling isolated, abandoned, and unheard. We understand the importance of family relationships, especially when family members are facing challenging issues and need support. We offer family therapy to help family members process their feelings and repair broken relationships.

Custom-fit individualized treatment programs for each family member

We believe in family collaboration, meaningful dialogue, conflict resolution, communication skill building, and boundary setting. Our family therapist also creates an individualized treatment plan to meet specific needs. We provide guidance and support during the process of family healing.

Learn how to identify patterns, ques and how to deal with them


Based on family-focused modalities, our services are aimed at regulation and overall family well-being. We help the members involved identify family patterns, family strengths, family relationships, and family roles that contribute to issues in a family system.


During therapy sessions, we guide the members to acquire family-building skills, discuss strategies for problem-solving, and build family trust and understanding.

Determine what schedule and approach works best for all members

Sessions can be anywhere from 60-90 minutes and family members are guided through a journey of self-discovery and family connection. We do the sessions with all members present, but an individual member can have a one-on-one with a counselor as needed.


The family-centered treatment plan usually lasts around 12 sessions, but we can adjust the duration depending on the situation.

Types of Approaches Used in Family Therapy


The choice of family therapy approach depends on the family's needs and what the family wants to get out of family therapy. Our family therapist has a wide range of expertise in family therapy.


Some common family therapy frameworks are:

  • Narrative therapy

  • Systemic therapy

  • Structural therapy

  • Solution-focused therapy

  • Intergenerational therapy

  • Marriage counseling/couples therapy

  • Communication theory

  • Cognitive Behavioral therapy

family group therapy

Benefits of Family Counseling


The effectiveness of family therapy is most obvious when family members learn how to function as a unit. With the help of a therapist, family members can gain a newfound appreciation for each member's strengths, weaknesses, and needs. This can result in the following:

  • Improved family functioning

  • Healthier family communication

  • A better understanding of family roles, expectations, and boundaries

  • Greater family unity and cohesion

  • An enhanced level of support among family members.

  • Reduced family stress and overall family conflict

  • Improved anger management skills.


When families participate in therapy treatment, 90% of them report an improvement in emotional health, relationship, and family functioning. 66% report improvement in their physical health, while for child-parent problems, 73% of parents report improvement in the child's behavior. Family therapy improves family relationships by:


  • Fostering a sense of unity for the family after a crisis

  • Creating honesty (openness and truthfulness) among family members

  • Restoring and instilling trust

  • Developing a supportive family culture

  • Restoring family relationships

  • Learning to be flexible and open to growth and development

  • Providing family members with problem-solving skills.

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Choose the right family therapist for you


If you or your family are facing difficulties that family therapy can help with, Healing Collective Therapy Group provides family therapy counseling services from experienced family therapists in Los Angeles. Our family therapists provide a confidential and safe environment for families where they can learn how to better understand and resolve family conflicts, nurture family relationships, build emotional connections, and develop effective communication strategies and behavior.


Our family therapists are available to help families in the Los Angeles area with family therapy and crisis interventions. We also offer telehealth for families throughout California. If you are seeking family counseling, call or email us today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping your family heal together.

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