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Online Group Therapy

Imagining the growth and benefits of attending group therapy isn't hard, but physically getting there can be. Traffic, long commutes, not enough time in the day, and a busy lifestyle are just some of the reasons why committing to group therapy sessions may not be feasible for you, even if you'd like them to be. Online group therapy sessions eliminate all logistical challenges.


Attending online therapy support groups brings all the benefits of therapy without any of the hassles and inconveniences that once made it feel like an impossible addition to your schedule.


Since you can log in from anywhere, you'll no longer need to worry about the logistical barriers to enjoy the environment of group therapy.


With unique online therapy support groups available, you're sure to find a group with like-minded people that will only increase your overall well-being through supportive talk and encouragement.

online group therapy sessions

The benefits of attending group therapy online

The benefits of online group therapy are invaluable. One of the most impactful benefits is the comradery and realizing you're not alone in your challenges. Meeting people in the midst of their journey and helping them is just as valuable as being given advice from an objective point of view. 


Other benefits of online therapy support groups include:

online therapy support groups

Provides a support group of peers and professionals

Group therapy provides a unique, healing environment. It is supportive and inclusive-whether in person or online.


The positive environment of group therapy is dual-natured, meaning the support and accountability from group therapy come from both your peers and your group's therapist.


This setup offers a fresh set of eyes, from both your peers and from the professional perspective of a therapist. You'll receive feedback and support from a variety of sources, and gain new insight into your unique situation from the perspective of those with similar situations and from a mental health professional.


With online therapy group chat, you can incorporate therapy into your already existing schedule. Since all you typically need to attend group therapy sessions online are a good internet connection and a bit of privacy.


This can be huge for those with a busy work schedule, family obligations, or a difficult commute. Group therapy options can be especially limited in rural areas, which adds accessibility to the list of benefits of group therapy online. 

Easing, relaxing, and accommodating

Regardless of convenience, making the trip to a therapist's office can be a daunting task for those with anxiety, depression, or conditions like social anxiety or agoraphobia. Online group therapy can make these stressors less daunting, offering as much comfort as possible for those who need it.


This makes group therapy accommodating and accessible for all who desire it, regardless of their comfort level with social situations, therapy offices, or simply the commute itself. 

The groups we currently offer

We're currently offering three different online therapy groups. Learn more about them below.

1. Facing Adoption Challenges Together

Adoption is a long and arduous process. This group has been put in place to offer a space in which you can process and share your challenges of the adoption process.


You will be sharing the space with others who are experiencing adoption challenges of their own. A group that will evoke a safe and supportive environment for sharing challenges, successes, and everything in between.


Through other group members and the facilitating therapist, you will gain useful skills, learn new coping mechanisms, and be heard and validated. 

faced adoption challenges with group online therapy

2. Anxiety and Depression Process Group for Creatives

Having a creative mind is unique. Creatives suffering from anxiety and depression can often find themselves in a headspace that is unique. Perhaps associating their struggles with their identity, creative process, or creative challenges.


This support group will help process and minimize the negative effects of anxiety and depression. Grouping with fellow creatives and artists instantaneously creates a feeling of relatability, which is often the catalyst for sharing personal struggles, as well as our brightest moments. 

3. Dating Woes

Group therapy offers a space in which you are with others who are experiencing the same or similar struggles with dating and romance. When the world of dating is mostly dictated by dating apps, the challenges exponentially increase. You are not the only one facing the negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions that dating and romance bring up. 


This group will provide you with a space in which you can feel free to discuss your experiences and how they are affecting you and you will find comfort in knowing you are not alone. Through others and the facilitating therapist, you will gain new insight on how to cope, change your perspective, and new ways to navigate the dating world. 

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