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Therapy for Artists & Creatives

Artists, singers, writers, and all other creatives share a deep understanding of emotions and passion. These feelings are a source of inspiration for your work as an artist.


But with that understanding and proclivity to feel deeply, troubles arise. You may begin to feel burnt out as you try to navigate through projects, relationships, and your own worries and doubts.


We understand and it's why the Healing Collective specializes in therapy for artists and creatives.

Your creative outlets may start to look threatening, creating more stress and anxiety than they relieve. Perhaps you are trying to juggle the sensitive balance of creative work and a full-time job.


Conditions like anxiety and depression also make creativity tough to grasp, adding more pressure to creatives who need their creativity to make a living. These commonly-faced issues are what we are here to help with. Through therapy for artists, you can build creative resilience, attack creative blocks, and heal any negative connections you may have with your creative work.

therapy for artists

Gain greater confidence in your abilities and a sense of self-compassion

Therapy ultimately helps you achieve your full creative potential. We do that by working through those secret doubts you may have, doubts that may be reducing your creativity or insisting that your passion should not be followed. Sound familiar? Fortunately, these doubts can be reversed. In more severe cases, doubt and apprehension can lead to depression and anxiety. Therapy helps relieve these difficult symptoms while also treating the primary cause. We help you instill compassion for yourself and a belief that you are doing the right thing, and you are on the right path. 

therapy for creatives

Learn to balance life & work

One of the most difficult parts of passion work is balancing it with the rest of our lives. You may have a job outside of your creative work, making it tough to find a good ratio between work and passion.


Having a family, partners, or school creates similar issues, despite these life aspects being positive. With therapy for creatives, you can learn what balance works best for you and your unique life components. 

Learn how to accept rejection

Rejection is a normal, common part of every creative's life. It's inevitable, but it still hurts. Through therapy for artists, you can change your feelings towards rejection and accept it without pain. With the negative connotations of rejection removed, you'll be able to push out of your comfort zone and expand your creative reach. A win-win! 

Understand & defeat performance anxiety

Performance anxiety isn't limited to singers and actors. Many kinds of creatives struggle to demonstrate or showcase their work, fearing mess-ups, judgment, and failure.


This is true for all kinds of creative outputs, like writing, dancing, and designing. There's almost always someone viewing your work or seeing it on a stage, and that pressure can become overwhelming.


Our therapy for artists and creatives helps you understand the cause of your performance anxiety and develop a plan to work through it. Is it a fear of failure? Feelings of inadequacy or shame? Whatever it may be, we're here to help get rid of your stage fright.

defeat performance anxiety

Separate yourself from your creativity

Our passions can feel consuming at times. Especially for those embarking on a journey to create for a living. Burn-outs and creative blocks can easily follow these stages or periods of obsession, leaving you feeling discouraged or doubtful.


While it may sound counterintuitive, a bit of distance from your creative work may be what you need. With the help of focused therapy for artists, you can catch any signs of obsession or unhealthy work habits that, if left untreated, can lower your quality of life. A healthy relationship with your passion is achievable with a little help.

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What common issues does therapy help solve for creatives & artists?

No issues are not set in stone, nor are they a limited list. You may be experiencing a few common issues, all of them, or none at all. The truth is anything's valid and everyone experiences some sort of block along the road to achieving their goals. 

Here are some of the most commonly shared symptoms that we've been able to overcome in our sessions:

Anxiety or Depression Affecting Your Creativity

Mental health struggles and disorders can be the driving force of some artists' work and creativity, or it can hamper it to the point of giving up. Though anxiety and depression can result from struggles as a creative, many big feelers and empaths already suffer from these types of disorders. But, it doesn't need to stay that way. Therapy helps heal your mental health struggles, allowing you to work past your symptoms or diminish them altogether. 

As a creative artist, you may be familiar with the misconception that pain=art. This may be true for you, but it does not have to be nor should be. Art can be borne of many emotions. Therapy helps remove the idea that you can't release pain and trauma without giving up your art. 

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Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome is a frustratingly common plight among creatives and artists. With this syndrome, you may feel convinced that you are not talented or worthy enough to receive money, success, praise, or business of any sort.


This is false, though that can be hard to believe at times. Therapy helps correct this misconception and instill an impenetrable sense of confidence in yourself and your work--confidence you deserve. 

Difficulty Working Through Creative Blocks

Experiencing creative blocks is as part of the artist's life as art. Though these blocks are inevitable, you may be struggling to work through them. Days of struggling can turn into weeks, affecting your livelihood and overall happiness.


There's nothing to sugarcoat: creative blocks are scary and can be detrimental to your career. If you find yourself unable to work through them on your own in a timely fashion, we can help you overcome them. 


We show you how to apply coping mechanisms and discover what may be causing the blocks. With therapy for creatives, they don't have to be so scary anymore. 

Start now and see how fast your creativity grows

There is an infinite number of benefits and helpful qualities attached to creativity. Artists and creatives are resourceful, brave, and passionate about what they love. But with those qualities come downsides, like burn-outs, feeling overwhelmed, and feelings of inadequacy or doubt.


If left untreated, these negative parts of passion and creativity can be deeply harmful. Through therapy for artists and creatives, you will gain all the tools you need for living happily as a creative, and coping skills for when times aren't as happy. 

You don't need to walk this path alone.

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